Summer Style // the prom dress

I am in my senior year of high school, the year of exams, finals, a lot of stress, but also prom! I’m not going to lie, I, like every other girl, was pretty excited about getting my prom dress. So when I was in Brighton the other week, I spent a good day looking for the perfect dress. But in the end, I ended up finding the one!

My dress was a long, navy dress with a flowery pattern and a high neck. If there is one thing I love about a dress, it’s a high neck line. The fabric was flowy and very lightweight; perfect for a warm summer night.

For my shoes I went for a simple nude high heel. I did not have anything specific in mind, I just knew they had to be comfortable enough! After all, I had to wear them a full evening and night.


For my hair I decided to go for a bohemian updo. Now I have to be honest, I did not do this myself. I am ridiculously clumsy when it comes to hair, so I went to the hairdressers for this. My make up however, I did do myself. I used both my Urban Decay Naked 3 and my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette to create this look. I decided to go for a pink toned eye as it would match the flowers in my hair and on my dress. For the lips I kept it subtle with my Mac lipstick in the colour ‘Mehr’.


dress: Phase Eight – Shoes: Manfield – Lips; Mac ‘Mehr’ 

Brighton & Hove // my favourite place

I think it is safe to say, eventhough I have only visited Brighton for three days, that it is now my favourite place in the world. Not only does it have all the shops you want while shopping, it also has the cutests little boutiques for all your quirky wishes. And when you’re done shopping you can visit the beach or go to one of the many (MANY) restaurants, cafe’s or pubs. Everything in Brighton looks like it came right off my Tumblr feed. Like my dear friend Alex already told me; Brighton is SO instagrammable!

But above all, Brighton is probably the most varied place I have ever visited. It doesn’t matter what you look like, it doesn’t matter what you do, it doesn’t who or what you like; as long as it makes you happy, no one will judge!

If I had to describe Brighton in just a few words, I would say; quirky, extravagant, arty, eccentric, but above all a happy place.

_DSC8537_DSC8540_DSC8541_DSC8543_DSC857620170526_113623(0)_DSC8589_DSC854520170526_142757_DSC8570_DSC8568_DSC855020170526_19030720170527_110430_DSC861420170527_123545 - kopie


Summer in Brighton // The Boho Dress

It doesn’t happen too often that you’re in the United Kingdom and the sun is out. But luckily, during my 3 day stay in Brighton, the sun was out in full force and it were 3 proper summer days. When that happens, you got to get your dresses out!

This boho dress from Zara doesn’t really need too many accessoires, if you ask me. I just paired it with some lace heels and I was good to go! Perhaps not the smartest move to wear heels while roaming Brighton all day, but at least it looked nice.



Dress: Zara – Shoes: Manfield

Create. Don’t Destroy. // paintings

For quite some time now, I have been really into painting and drawing. The reason behind this is Twenty One Pilots (what else lol). Tyler once said something along the lines of;

”Let’s take this energy, this emotion that you feel, which is obviously negative. And let’s try and take it and move it somewhere else. Let’s aim it at someting else. Like music, concerts or art.”

So that is what I did; I took an emotion that I was feeling and aimed it at art. Instead of using it to destroy myself or something else, I used the emotion to create something. Hence the term; ‘Create, don’t destroy.’ It’s also important to note that it does not matter what you create. As long as you have fun with it and as long as it has a meaning for you.

Two songs that go well with this painting are Guns For Hands and Kitchen Sink. I feel like both songs perfectly portray the meaning that I gave to this painting. ‘It’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist..’ ‘Create something, it might be worthless..’ 

For the ones who are interested in how I made this; I sketched my own hand and arm using just a normal pencil. Then I coloured it in with aquarelle pencils and added some more colour here and there with some waterpaint.The trick with this is to just keep going and don’t worry too much about the end result. Waterpaint is fairly easy to work with so just go with it and don’t even try to be precise.


Toodlepip! xx

Winter Style // i want to believe

Grunge is definitely the word that inspired this look. Now I know that this outfit may not be the perfect ‘grunge aesthetic’ that I always rave about, but I also wanted some comfort. I started off with a pair of ripped jeans (with some tights underneath cause it’s hella cold here) and a black top and I added my denim blouse as an extra layer to keep me warm. I topped it off with some rings and a choker bracelet and done ! Simple.


Denim shirt: Vila – Trousers: H&M – I want to believe top: DIY (but you can get it at Urban Outfitters too) – Rings: Primark – Choker bracelet: H&M


Introversion is a topic I have been very interested in over the past few days. For the ones who do not know what introversion is; let me explain. It’s essentially a personality trait. You can be an extrovert or an introvert. Although, you should not see it as black and white as I just wrote it down, it is more of a spectrum, really. You can be a little bit of both even. An extrovert is someone who gets their energy from being in a social situation. An introvert on the other hand, gets their energy from being on their own and is actually drained of energy in social situations. Ofcourse, these are only textbook definitions meaning that it is different for everyone. Not every introvert is the same, just as not every extrovert is the same.

That being said, I think I can safely say that I am an introvert. Although, I also have social anxiety which sometimes makes it a little more complicated and therefore the line between my introversion and my anxiety is a bit blurry. Important to note, not every introvert is socially anxious! (or shy) This one is important to keep in mind. Loads of introverts actually enjoy being social and are really good at it as well. However, the question for me remains: Which behaviour comes from my introversion and which one comes from my anxiety? I still have not quite figured that one out.

However, just this morning I came across a video by Savannah Brown in which she talked all about introversion and also talked briefly about an article online. Apparently, there are four types of introversion. Those four types are really what I wanted to talk about today.

A brief description of the four types of introversion:

  • Social: This one basically means that you prefer to socialize only in small groups instead of large ones. Or sometimes you even prefer to be all alone. Important to know; there is no anxiety here, it’s simply preference.
  • Thinking: This one mainly focuses, not so much on the social aspect, but more on the thoughtful aspect of introversion. People who count themselves in this category are often introspective, thoughtful, and self-reflective. I liked how the article described it: “You’re capable of getting lost in an internal fantasy world,” “But it’s not in a neurotic way, it’s in an imaginative and creative way.” Think the dreamily imaginative Luna Lovegood, not the socially awkward Neville Longbottom. 
  • Anxious: This category is quite similar to the social one, however, this one is not so much driven by preference, but more by fear. Anxious introverts are uncomfortable in social situations and are often not confident about their social skills. Hence they seek solitude. However, according to the article, even when alone, the anxiety never really fades away due to over-thinking about what could possibly go wrong.
  • Restrained: This one in particular I find rather difficult to really describe. I used to be best friends with someone who I would most definitely count into this category. I suppose another word for this category could be reserved. The way the article described it was pretty accurate: Restrained introverts sometimes seem to operate at a slightly slower pace, preferring to think before they speak or act.

With these four categories all explained and well, I think I can count myself mostly as a thinking introvert. Even before I knew of these four types, I had always described myself as introspective and thoughtful. For example, you know those long car journeys where you sit in the back, headphones in, and you just don’t want the car ride to end? You’re just comfortably sitting there, daydreaming and thinking. Also, I love to reflect on myself and my life. I suppose some would call this ‘being dramatic’ but I simply enjoy looking back on my life or on certain moments, thinking about it and taking some sort of life lesson out of it. It’s just something I do, I guess. Lastly, Luna has always been the character in Harry Potter I related to the most, perhaps now I know the reason behind that feeling.

The article also comes with a test. ‘Which type are you?’ Very interesting, and in my case, also surprisingly accurate for an online test. It said I was, besides the thinking type, also the anxious type. I think this is the link to my social anxiety. I’m simply not comfortable with my social skills and the way I act in social situations. Therefore, I like to avoid them as much a possible. Which I know I should not do, because I’m missing out on good times, but I can’t quite help it, I guess. Although, according to the test, I was also partly the social type. Which, again, I think is accurate. Sometimes I simply prefer to be alone. Not because I’m anxious or scared, just because I want to. I prefer sitting in my room painting or drawing or writing, instead of going to some wild party. And honestly, I like being that way.

In today’s society, introversion is often seen as a defect. Especially in high school where everyone seems to only care about parties, friends and social status. Being an introvert in these surroundings is hard. However, I wouldn’t want to change it in any way. I guess I simply am who I am. Introversion is not a defect, it’s a personality trait. Although, I also think that we should not see this as an excuse to accept anxiety. Anxiety should never be something that is leading your life for you. However, I am planning on writing a whole post focussing on anxiety, so more on this later.

The fact that I wrote this whole post only proofs that I am, for the most part, a thinking introvert; reflecting on myself and thinking about who I am as a person. I hope you found all of this information this just as interesting as I did. Are you an introvert, if so; which type are you? Or do you see yourself as an extrovert? Or are you somewhere else on the spectrum? Let me know in the comments! Let’s talk about this!


This Is A Line //

This is a line and this line is mine.

And you will find that this line can divide

the kind and not so kind side of your mind.


This is a line and this line is mine.

And you will find that on the unkind side of your mind

the light is very far behind.

You will also find that on this side of your mind

you are blind and unrefined.

Undermined by that unkind side of your mind.

You will fall behind. Out of sight. Out of mind. Unaligned.

But do I need to remind you

that even the blind, the unrefined, the unaligned, have a kinder side to their mind?


This is a line and this line is mine.

And you will find that on the kind side of your mind

you are still unrefined and unaligned.

But now you will find that on this side of your mind

there is still some light left behind.

Now it is time to redefine.

Not this side or that side.

Not kind or unkind.

Just, your mind.


This is a line and this line is mine.

And you will find that this line

is merely a sign of the human kind.

Nothing more than a concept from the mind

to define what is inside.


This is a line and this line is mine.

And you will find that my feet and spine are not on either side of the line.

They are in fact on the line.

Because I am not defined by the two sides of my mind.

Instead I will combine the kind and the unkind

to create one mind.

You will find that when you combine the sides,

you are not assigned to either side of your mind.

You are in fact a free mind.




and unfeigned.

– A poem inspired by another poem