Autumn Style // the early season

I am sitting here in my room, drinking a nice, warm cup of tea, ready to write!

One of my favourite times in the year is definitely the time between summer and autumn. It’s still warm outside, but not too warm, some early leaves are turning orange already and autumn and winter shopping is starting. Last thursday me and my friend Claire went out and we decided to take some pictures.

IMG_20140911_225422 (1)
Dress – The Sting. Jacket – Mexx.

What I like about autumn clothes is that you can layer them. As I tend to get cold very quickly, I love to wear layers and nice warm jumpers. That is the reason why autumn and winters clothes are handsdown my favourite.

To be honest, I just threw this outift on because I was running late for school and I had no idea what I wanted to wear, so I took the first thing I saw in my wardrobe and put it on. I was quite happy that I did because this dress is not only cute in summer but also so nice for autumn (or an early autumn).

I picked out the dress and to make it more suitable for the wheater I decided to put on some black tights. On top of that I wore a green vest (which you can’t see on the picture). To keep me even warmer I also wore my leather jacket which I litteraly wear with everything! Adding a leather jacket to a dress is a great way to ‘toughen up’ the look. For my shoes I put on my black ankle boots and for my jewelry and accessories , I kept it very simple, with just one big necklace.

Untitled 3
Boots – O’Moda. Necklace – Steps.

Personally, I love to wear dresses in autumn and winter, as they can look so cute with a pair of black ankle boots or even with some good ol’ geek shoes. You can make them suitable for every season by adding tights, jackets, cardigans, big scarfs or even a jumper underneath.

 What is your favourite thing about autumn? The clothes, the food, the wheater? Let me know in the comments!



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