New Year, New Start

Today was a bit of a reflecting day for me. I started thinking about my life, how it is at the moment and what else I want to achieve in the future. So that’s why I decided that for blogmas day 9, I’d share some of those thought with you guys.

Yesterday I told my parents about my blog. I know, this doesn’t really look like a big deal, but for me, for some reason, it was. I was really scared that they wouldn’t let me continue or that they’d be angry or something. But yesterday I decided to just go for it, to just tell them. I know I rave about this all of the time, but I just said yes. I am really proud of myself for saying yes to more and more things lately and all of that ended up in so much joy and happiness, I thought, why not do it some more? So the one thing I am planning on doing this next year is to say yes, more and more often. Saying yes brought me, so far, so many great things and now I truly realize that saying yes is so worth it. Great things really don’t come from comfort zones, they come from stepping out of them.

Another thing that I started thinking about the other day was about value. Seeing your own value and appreciating yourself. If you have been reading my blog for a while now you may know that I switched schools this year. In the beginning of the year it was all sunshine and smiley faces really. But now, as the time goes, I also notice that not everyone was as nice as they looked at first sight. But now I also realize that those people are not worth worrying about. Worrying is so useless. It’s like walking around with an umberella, waiting for it to rain. You should know that those people are trying to get you down because they see how far you have come. One day this guy in my class said to me: ‘you are completely going the wrong way, aren’t you?’ The only thing I thought at that moment was how stupid he was. I know that lately, I have been doing so well, he probably noticed and wanted to get me down for that. But I kept telling myself: you are so not going the wrong way. You are on such a high level, he doesn’t even know the excistence of it, it is too high for him. This may sound a bit arrogant, but maybe sometimes you need to be a bit arrogant in order to love yourself.

The last thing I wanted to talk to you guys about is the value of love. In my opinion, love should be valued, every kind of love. Whether it is love for your partner, male or female, love for your siblings, parents, other family members, love for your dog, neigbour or love for your favourite band. It doesn’t matter, in the end, it all makes us happy. Being able to love someone or something is by far the best thing we have ever been given. I believe God gaves us the ability to love and we should see it as the greatest, most precious gift we have ever gotten.

I know this is not really a Christmassy post, but I always like sharing my thoughts with you guys. Leave me a comment down below telling me your opinion about any of these topics or tell me something you have been thinking about lately!

See you tomorrow!



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