It’s Okay To Be A Reject

I am not even going to try and make up an excuse. I haven’t written in ages.

BUT I guess I am going to dive straight into this post.

So a little while ago, I encountered some sort of minor bullying. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t quite know what I can and can’t call bullying but in my opinion bullying is something that someone does to take another person down. Despite various protests of my friend, I decided to go to my teacher and tell him. Not because it was that horrible and bad, just because I wanted that guy to know that he can’t keep doing this to me. I wasn’t going to be this weak little girl anymore.

Because of all this, I started asking myself; why am I always the person people are trying to get down? Am I just the weird kid that no one likes? I don’t think so, I have friends who actually do like to hang out with me and they don’t seem too mental. Am I an easy target? May be. I am definitely not one of those people that has quick words to fire back at someone. But still, is that a reason to get down on someone like that? To make someone feel miserable?

At the beginning of this schoolyear, a lot of people came up to me as a sort of invatition for me to join their group. As much as I appreciated that, I still think you can’t please everyone and you just can’t be the best friends with everyone. So after some time I picked the group I wanted to hang out with, however, this does not mean I totally ignored all of the other people. But for some reason picking a group of friends made me the general target for al the jokes and mean comments. That’s when I realized; I did not do anything wrong. I guess I am just one of these people who isn’t really afraid to show who they truly are. One of those people who doesn’t really care give a crap about what anyone has to say about them. This is a quality that a lot of people at the age of, well let’s say, 12-17 struggle with. I don’t know why they have been so mean to me. Maybe because they saw that I didn’t care and they are jealous of that ability or the fact that they saw that I was actually doing great or maybe just the fact that they are all massively idiotic twats. Whatever reason it is, I know, that it is not my fault, eventhough I believed that it was for a very long time.

I guess I am indeed a bit different, a bit of a weirdo, a bit of a reject, but you know, it is totally fine to be a bit different, a bit of a weirdo, a reject. You always have one or two of those kids in your class who don’t wear the usual clothing everyone wears, who don’t listen to the music everyone listens to. Those kids who just don’t want to go along with all of that. I am that one kid in class that is always staring out the window, that one kid that never really gets noticed by anyone, that kid that instead of making oh so funny jokes in class, prefers to draw and write song lyrics in her notebook. That kid who might be in her own little world a bit too much. But in the end, I am happy to be like that. I just can’t imagine myself going out to some sort of crazy party, and doing all of the things I see all of these other people doing.

All I basically wanted to say in this post is that it is okay to be different. But you do have to know, being different is not always appreciated by everyone. Most of the people walk away from you or will make fun of you, but somewhere in those school corridors, there will be someone who sees the beauty in it, who likes it when someone dares to be different, who likes you for who you are.

”The most stupid thing you can do is copy others. Copying others is like reading the same book over and over again. No matter how beautiful and amazing the book is, one day it will be extremely boring and you wish you would have been brave enough to read another book, or even write one yourself.” – Me (:


3 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Be A Reject

  1. Christy

    I’m sorry you have to go through this – secondary school/eduction when you’re 12-17ish is HORRIBLE for everyone. It really does get better – you tend to find your people in sixth form and people just stop caring about these stupid cliques. The thing about being in school is that, for some, it can feel like your entire world and everything that happens there is all that matters. So we have the cliques, the social politics, people dressing the same – but all that will end. Some people still won’t get their heads around that – I see people from my old school who have not changed (it’s been years since we left) and are desperate to still be seen as the coolest person ever. You see through them and that freaks them out. I can see that you know there is so much more out there, and you’re doing great.
    Keep being you x


    • annespruijt

      awe thank you so much for this comment, it totally made my day (:
      glad to hear that it will get better and it also sounds like you are doing great which makes me really happy xxx


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