Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette

You guys all know how much I love and use my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. That is why, a little while back, I decided to go into Sephora and indulge into all of the other Naked palettes, once again. I officially went into Sephora to take a closer look at the Naked Basic palettes, which are, for the ones who don’t know, smaller palettes with more natural, basic colours. However, when I took a closer look, I found that the big Naked 2 palette was in fact quite similar to both Naked Basic palettes, but with even more colours. So that is the tale of how I ended up buying Urban Decay Naked 2. Wasn’t it beautiful?


A while ago I did a blogpost all about the Naked 3 palette, which a lot of you seemed to really like, so I thought it would be only right and only fair to write another Urban Decay review.

Quility wise, the Naked 3 and Naked 2 palettes are very similar. Both great colour payoff, both stay on all day, both are very pigmented, and ofcourse; both are very pretty.

The Naked 2 packaging is made out of a very solid and hard material, which is in my opinion great, as it protects the shades well. Just a little thing, not very important, but to me the Naked 2 packaging is prettier than Naked 3. I don’t know why I think this is important for you guys, but here it is anyway. (great writing, Anne..) Further on, inside the palette you find a small mirror which is just a really nice extra to this palette in my opinion.


Same as for every other Naked palette, Naked 2 gives you a special Naked 2 brush, with on one side a flat brush and on the other a fluffy blending brush. I am very keen on the flat side of this brush as it is the perfect size for my lid and to apply eyeshadow onto my lid. The fluffy side however, is something I don’t really tend to use as this side is quite stiff which makes blending more difficult. Although, I do have to admit that a double sided brush like this is extremely handy for going on holidays, as you only have to pack one brush instead of two. It’s always nice to save space in your holiday make up bag.

Now onto the colours. This palette contains quite a lot of glittery, shimmery colours. They are all very pigmented, which is great and they all last a very, very long time. On the swatch picture, Foxy and Bootycall seem almost invisible, but I swear, in real life you can see them! Foxy, Bootycall and Verve are in my opinion really nice colours to apply on your lid as they create a very fresh, clean and awake look. I am very keen on applying Tease all throughout my crease as it’s a nice matt colour. Lastly, Busted and Blackout are for me, really nice, darker colours to really deepen and darken the look. But the nice thing about this palette is that there are so many combinations possible to make, create and try.

Foxy - Half Baked - Bootycall - Chopper - Tease - Snakebite
Foxy – Half Baked – Bootycall – Chopper – Tease – Snakebite
Suspect - Pistol - Verve - YDK - Busted - Blackout
Suspect – Pistol – Verve – YDK – Busted – Blackout

Naked 3 vs. Naked 2

I can’t decide which one of these two I like the best, they are too different to compare. Naked 3 is very natural, full of pink, nude and matt colours. Naked 2 on the other hand is full of glittery, darker colours. If I am going for a natural and simple look, I will most likely go for Naked 3. If I am going for a fancy, smokey, night out look, I will probably grab my Naked 2.

If you are young (not that I am that old but..) or you are just starting out with make up, I would recommend you to pick Naked 3 as it’s a bit safer with all the nude colours. If you are a bit more experienced with make up, you can go and try out Naked 2. But whichever one you choose to buy, both contain beautiful colours and are great quality, so you are guaranteed of a beautiful look.

Which once you like the best, Naked 2 or Naked 3? Or something completely different? Let me know in the comments!



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