Summer Style: the coachella look


A little while back I went on a holiday to the Canary Islands and one day we decided to go roadtripping! If you want more details about my holiday and the roadtrip then stay tuned because it will be up on my blog soon!

During a roadtrip you want to be nice and comfy. Hence why I decided to wear this playsuit from Mango. And honestly, I love this look! First of all, the playsuit is so comfortable, you have no idea but second of all, I think it looks so nice! All day I kept saying ‘one day I am going to go to Coachella and this is what I am going to wear!’. Because this playsuit, especially in this specific scenery, just gave me such a Coachella feel! I loved it! The only thing that was missing was live music and flowercrowns.


Toodlepip! x x 

Jumpsuit – Mango  


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