Words Of Wisdom For All High Schoolers , From A Senior

Tomorrow I start my last year of high school. As much as I am excited to be a high school senior, I am also terrified. Being a senior means a lot of exciting stuff, like prom and less classes, but it also means finals, stress and in the end, leaving behind everything you are familiar with. But as a senior I can say that I have more than enough experience with high school and how to (somewhat) get through it. Whether it’s tips on being yourself and surviving mean girls or horrible fashion and beauty missteps I made that you really want to avoid; here are a few words of wisdom for all high schoolers, with love from a senior.

Seniors really aren’t that mean.

In all he books and films about high school, seniors are always portrayed as the mean and the scary people in the school. Really, we aren’t that scary. (not all of us) Senior is not a synonym for bully. So if you are starting high school this year, don’t worry about the seniors too much. You’ll be fine.

Get to know yourself & be you.

In my early years of middle- and high school, I struggled a lot with who I was and who I wanted to be. I remember making all these plans and preparing tactics on how to talk to ‘the popular kids’ so they would like me. But after a while I realized, that wasn’t at all me. Find out who you are, it’s okay if it takes a few years, and always be yourself. Even if that means you won’t be the coolest kid in the school. Just do whatever it is that makes you happy and ignore everyone that has a negative opinion about it.


Don’t cut your own hair.

Really, don’t do this. You might think it is easy and that you can do this, but I hate to break it to you, it really isn’t that easy. You really don’t want to walk around the school showing your self cut fringe to everyone. Believe me, I speak of experience.

What you love won’t always be cool & that is okay.

I sometimes look back on things I used to do when I was younger and it makes me cringe so hard. But that’s okay. I know that in the future I am going to look back on my eighteen year old self and cringe because of the fact that I used to read fluffy Harry Styles fanfic or that I once did an attempt at writing it myself. Right now I enjoy it so I am going to do it anyway, even if it might make me cringe when I am twentyfive.

Live now. Don’t wait for your future.

When I was younger, but even now, I catch myself thinking; ‘in the future I am going to do this’ or ‘when I graduate I will finally be able to do this’. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to dream, okay to set goals and okay to plan ahead, but don’t forget to live your life while it’s happening. Because your life is now, so live it now.

Be kind. Always.

The number one thing I always tell myself. Whenever you don’t know what to do, you don’t know what is going on, there is one thing you can always do and that will always be right; be kind. Even if everyone around is mean, even if it feels like the universe hates you; be kind. However, do not mistake kindness for weakness. It is okay to stick up for yourself or others, to be strong and to stand your ground. As long as you do it kindly.

Don’t let anyone take advantage of you.

When you are kind, or shy, or quiet. People are going to mistake that for a weakness and they are going to try and take advantage of you. Don’t let them. Saying no to people or standing up for yourself, for me, has always been one of the hardest things in the world. It still is. But be aware of these people and avoid them as much as possible.

Don’t overpluck your eyebrows.

One of the biggest beauty mistakes I ever made. It is okay to pluck your eyebrows but be careful!! Don’t overpluck them! Just look up some youtube video’s on how to do this properly. You don’t want to end up looking like an alien. (eventhough aliens are quite cool, they are not the best example of beauty)

You will one day find a best friend.

I see loads of people online who are worried about the fact that they don’t have a best friend or someone who they can tell everything. Don’t worry. You will one day find someone who is worty of the title ‘best friend’. Sometimes it just takes a little longer and it takes a little closer look. Just be patient.


Failures are okay.

It is okay to fail a test from time to time. Failures are a part of life. The fact that you failed a test does not mean you are a failure. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to and that is okay!

Don’t let your social life get in the way of what you love.

This one might seem a bit odd as most people often encourage you to be social and go out. And ofcourse, it’s good to go out and see people, but it also okay to be on your own for a while. You have to learn to be comfortable on your own. Something I love doing is painting or drawing. Sometimes I get so caught up in it that I totally ignore my bleeping phone or the people around me. I used to feel guilty about it until I realised that it’s actually okay. It is okay to shut off your phone or say no to a party from time to time to do whatever it is that you like. Even if it is just having some alone time.

These were only a few of the wise lessons I have learned while being in high school. I am not going to tell you that high school is not as bad as it seems or that high school is what you make of it. Because honestly, I really do try my best to make the best of it, but to me personally, high school has always been horrible. So hopefully for you, it will be a little less horrible with these tips.

Goodluck. Be yourself. Be kind. You’re going to be just fine.

Toodlepip x


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