My Christmas Playlist

It’s time. Today I am officially allowed to use the C-word. (I meant Christmas, obvioulsy.. what did you think of then??)

It’s the first of December and we all know what that means: Christmas jumpers, advent calenders, Tyler Joseph’s birthday, but most importantly; the official start of blogmas! I haven’t done any blogmas posts last year and most of my blogmas posts from the year before that are gone. However, I am doing another attempt this year. To be honest, I have no idea how this is going to go. I am ridiculously busy with school and it’s only going to get worse the closer to Christmas we’re going to get, so just bear with me okay?

If there is one thing I am always way to early with, it has to be Christmas music. I love music. I love Christmas. What better combination is there? Actually, there are lot of combinations better than that because in all honesty, Christmas music is really not that great. However, sometimes the Christmas spirit is so strong, I can actually stand to listen to some Mariah Carey, Michael Bublé or even Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

Let’s start with the good ol’ classics. Okay, not all of these are classics but these are perhaps the most popular, well-known Christmas songs. And some other random pop-Christmas songs:

This wouldn’t be a BlogginAnne post if it didn’t inlcude some of my fandoms. Do know; not all of the songs listed below are Christmas songs, some just give me a Christmassy and cozy feeling:

I hope that this somewhat helped you out if you were still looking for some Christmas music. Another tip for you: Punk goes Christmas. That is all I need to say. I will see you tomorrow!

Toodlepip! x


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