A Way Too Early ‘What I Got For Christmas’ // blogmas day 6

The title of this post is not very accurate. It is not even Christmas yet and I have already had my presents. If you are from Holland, you will probably know what is going on but in case you are not: here in Holland we have a celebration called Sinterklaas. Which is basically the same thing as Santa, but we celebrate it on December 5. Perhaps I should have just call this post What I Got For ‘Sinterklaas’.

First things first; the thing I might be most excited about: a Twenty One Pilots beanie. You might know, if you are a regular reader of my blog, that I am a massive Twenty One Pilots fan. You could say I was pretty happy when I opened this present. Also, it is such nice quality and very warm for these cold winter days.


Now that we are talking about Twenty One Pilots; I also got the lp version of their first studio album Vessel.Why not their latest abum Blurryface? Well, for the simple reason that I like Vessel a lot more as it contains some of my favourite songs such as Car Radio and Guns For Hands.


Next up I got a drawing set. Lately I have been really into drawing and I am very serious about improving my drawing skills. So far I have always used just some random pencil to draw, however, I wanted to try out something a little more, I suppose, proffesional. Of course there is nothing wrong with using just a plain pencil, but I thought it could be fun to try out some more pencils and products. Now all I need to do is fugure out what to use all these different pencils and chalks for!


This next present is something I already knew I was going to get as I was there when it was bought. It is a necklace with my birthstone; Ruby which happens to be my favourite type of stone. (and my favourite Twenty One Pilots song lol) Apparently a Ruby stands for wisdom, wealth and love, which I thought was a really nice thought.


Last but not least; I got a ukulele tuner. Perhaps not the most interesting present for you to read about. Especially if you don’t play the ukulele. However, this tuner came in very handy for me. Lately I have been playing the ukulele and besides practising a lot and getting the hang of all the chords and strumming patterns, the tuning of your ukulele is also a very important part. If you are anything like me and you struggle a lot with hearing whether it is tuned properly, a tuner is a nice little thing to have.


I will see you tomorrow!

Toodlepip! x


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