My name is Anne, a 19 year old beauty and fashion lover, music and art addict, poet, photographer and ukulele player. Nice to meet you (:

Once Upon A Time, on a very boring day, I sat in my room doing the usual thing; indulging in Youtube and blogs. I started to ponder of how amazing it would be to have my very own blog and that is when I decided to join this crazy bloggers community! I chose to write about things that I actually know something about, things that I love. I often read these ‘rules’ on how to become a ‘succesful blogger’ and all these rules all tell me to pick just one topic to write about. But why would ever want to limit myself like that? This blog won’t be just about fashion or just about beauty. This blog will be about anything that pops into my head. From music, art and baking to crazy thoughts, fashion and poetry. Let’s change the rules of succesful blogging.

When people decide to start a blog, they give up a lot of their privacy. Obviously, I have no problem with you guys knowing what I do and don’t like. But I’ll also blog about my own personal life and the problems that I encounter. By sharing all of these experiences I hope that I manage to help at least a few of you in a way that you needed help. At the end of the day, what matters most to me is that the message that my blog is carrying is being read, being seen and being used to make the world a kinder, better and more hopeful place. That is all I could ever wish for.

I know that there is only a very, very small amount of people who are actually reading everything that I write on here. But I’d still like to thank all the people who do take time to read everything. Eventhough it aren’t a lot of people, I still think this is amazing, as really, I had never expected anyone to read anything that I had written on my own little online place.

Lots of love and have fun reading,