Christmas Markets & Cupcakes // a day in the life

As I am writing this, my hair is still slightly damp from the rain as I literally just got back from my village’s Christmas market. I have to be honest, usually my hometown is the most boring and dull place in the world, hence why my expectations of this Christmas market were not very high. However, I was pleasently surprised when I arrived! Here and there they had the cutest little stalls and fireplaces. Also, I had a cupcake and there was a dog. I don’t need much more to have a good evening to be honest.

I tried taking some pictures, however, I forgot my camera and it was dark outside which my phone camera didn’t like as much. I tried my best okay, just bear with me.


See you tomorrow!

Toodlepip! xx

Color Run 2016 // day in the life

It has been a few weeks already so I am a tad bit late to the party but if you follow my Instagram you might know that I recently went to the color run. For those of you who have no clue whatsoever what that is; it is basically an event where you ‘run’ (or in my case, walk) a certain distance while people throw coloured powder all over you and afterwards there is a festival going on. All in all; loads of fun, loads of laughs, loads of colour.

When we walked in we arrived at the festival ground and we could already see the start and finish line. There were loads of littleย stalls where you could get your food, drinks and merchandise. There were a few seperate areas; the actual festival area where everyone was dancing, an area with a few tables and chairs for lunchtime, an area filled with beanbags, a place with several bouncy castles and just a general area where you could sit in the sand and relax if you wanted too. I always tend to get quite anxious around events like this so it was nice that it was a very big and wide place with loads of open spaces to just sit down and take it easy.


If you are worried about the color run being very sporty and only for athletic people; believe me, it is not. The color run is meant for everyone, literally everyone, from teenagers and young adults to families with small children and even elders. Besides that, I am probably one of the least athletic people you will ever meet in your life and even I had a good time there. You don’t even have to go onto the running course if you really don’t want to but I would highly reccomend it to you because it is just loads of fun, even when you are just walking, giggling and taking selfies the whole time.


After the ‘running’ course we decided to buy some more coloured powder and get absolutely covered in it. We also saved one up to throw during the big powder throw later that day. Just a little tip; if they throw the powder, close your mouth and eyes. You really don’t want to get it in your eyes or mouth, you will survive but it is just very unpleasant.



Festival wise it was not my kind of music, but then again, no festival ever plays my kind of music. However it was still a lot of fun. Especially going for a little swim afterwards in the lakeย that was literally adjoined to the festival ground.


All in all; it was a really great experience and so much more fun than I expected it to be. I was quite worried about it being to sporty for me or simply too crowded and busy for my liking but I was absolutely fine. The color run is not only an absolute hoot and a half but it also supports a cancer charity and above all it is all about celebrating happiness. Which in my opinion, is the best thing of all.


Toodlepip xx