Gails Bakery // Hove, UK

If you have been following my Instagram or my blog lately, you might have noticed a fair few Brighton themed posts here and there. I hope you guys are not sick of them yet, cause I have yet another one for you today. I can’t help myself, I have fallen in love with Brighton and if you have ever visited the place, you might now how many crazy good and ”tumblr-esque” restaurants and food places they have.

One of these food places is Gails Bakery in Hove. I knew of the place because of Zoe Sugg, one of my personal favourite bloggers. She talked about the bakery on her instagram and in several vlogs so I thought it would be only fair if I gave it a try myself while in Brighton. And let me tell you, it sure did not dissapoint.

Not only did they have an endless choice of pastries, breads and sandwiches, the place itself also looked as if it came straight of an aesthetic tumblr.


After we got our food, we decided to sit down somewhere upstairs. (near the window looking out over Hove’s big street) Let me tell you, the food might not look that great, it did however taste great. Really great. We even decided to grab some more food to go.


So if you ever find yourself in the area of Hove or Brighton, you should for sure pay Gails Bakery a visit. I promise, you’ll love it!



How To Not Bake Christmas Tree Brownies

Guys… I tried. I really tried. But I failed. Miserably..

I wanted to make these really cute brownies shaped like a Christmas tree, decorated with some white chocolate and sprinkles. I really wanted this to be a high quality, good looking and proffesional post. That didn’t happen. Apparantly, you’re not supposed to put the brownie mix in a cake tray. It won’t come out after baking resulting in your kitchen being covered in brownie crumbs while you do an attempt at getting your brownie safely out of the tray. Also, you can’t colour melted chocolate with food colouring. It turns into this pulpy stuff. I don’t know why, ask the science side of Tumblr. Anyway, I failed. My brownies failed. But I thought you might enjoy to laugh at my misery so here it is anyway.

I started off okay. I had a box of brownie powder stuff and all I needed to do was add water and some butter. That was all. I thought I could do that. I mixed the ingedrients together and it looked alright. I still had hope that this was going to be a good blogmas day.


I thought it would be better not to use the tray from the box because it was fairly small. I wanted a bigger tray. That way I could get more Christmas trees out of it. Reasonable thinking, right? NO. Always use the tray given in the box. It will go wrong if you don’t. Here is proof.


I tried to stay positive. Perhaps I could still get some Christmas trees out of it. ‘It’s fine’ I told myself. ‘Don’t panic.’ So I managed to get 4 somewhat Christmas tree looking shapes out of the brownie crumbs. I had regained some hope. Little did I know, that bit of hope would very soon be lost again.


That is when I started melting the chocolate. It all went okay at first. I melted nicely. But then I added the food colouring. The chocolate somehow ended up looking like poop. This is where I realized; maybe I should give up.


But then, all of a sudden a thought came to me: perhaps I could cover the whole thing in chocolate, you won’t even notice the poopy consistency! Let me tell you, kids; it did not work.


This is when I actually gave up. I decided to lie down in the kitchen floor for a minute. Then, while lying on the floor, I ate some of the remaining brownie crumbs. Then I went upstairs and wrote this post. Also, my internet is currently gone. I’m writing this without any wifi. I hope I will be able to fix it today. Otherwise that would be fail number three of the day. (I also failed my math exam today, that was the first fail.)

Anyway. I hope you either laughed at my failure here or perhaps you now know what not to do when baking brownies. I will see you tomorrow.

Toodlepip! xx

The Little Cupcake Bakeshop // New York, USA

The minute I am writing this, I just got back from my winter holiday in Germany. My legs and feet are still bruised from the always uncomfortable and painful ski boots,but nevertheless, I am still writing this blogpost as I haven’t written something on here in absolute ages!

A while back I visited the amazing New York; now my absolute favourite place in the whole wide world. Besides the busy, touristic spots, there are also some lovely places that are definetely more unknown in New York that make the place even more special.


In New York, there are way too many amazing food places. But one that immediatly cought my eye was The Little Cupcake Bakeshop’. They serve a crazy amount of cakes, pies, muffins, icecream, cupcakes, literally everything sweet and good you can imagine is in there. Now I am already a massive cupcake – or for that matter, all things sweet – lover, but oh myyyyy, I have never had a cupcake nearly as good as I had there.



As we walked in we had the choice to either sit down, or to take away our heavenly pastries. Unfortunately, we were in quite a hurry to take the underground home, so we went for the last option. But seriously, if we have had the time, I would have probably spent my whole day in there, trying every single cupcake. But to save you that effort, blue velvet is the best! ;D




So guys, seriously, if you are ever in New York and somwhere around Soho take a trip to The Little Cupcake Bakeshop at 30 Prince St. I promise, you will not be disappointed.



In The Kitchen: funfetti cupcakes

Today I thought I would do something, I have never done before. Now that autumn (or fall depending on where you come from) is coming around, I am starting to look up more recipe’s and baking ideas and recently I found a recipe called ‘Funfetti Cupcakes’. These cupcakes are, in all honesty, nothing more than normal cupcakes with some colourful sprinkles add to them, but nevertheless, they do look cute.

The recipe that I had found was quite a long one, in fact, I actually skipped the majority to keep it simple as I am not a good baker at all! That’s why I wanted to share the easier and way quicker recipe for Funfetti Cupcakes with you guys!

What you’ll need

  • 125g caster sugar
  • 125g self raising flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 125g butter
  • ¼ teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 ½ tablespoons of milk
  • ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • buttercream icing (didn’t make this myself, lazy as I am. just bought a dr. oetker one)
  • colourful sprinkles (as many as you like)

How to make the cupcakes

Before you start baking, you want to preheat your oven on 170 degrees celsius. After doing that, the first thing you want to put in the bowl is your butter. Make sure this is room temperature, it will be a lot easier to mix! Next throw in your sugar, flower and eggs. Make sure you don’t get any shell in your mixture. (‘there’s shell in that one!!!’ comment if you know where this is from ;D) After that, you add the milk, baking soda and the vanilla extract. For all the exact measurements, check the ingredients above. Now you want to mix this all together. Start of slow to get everything together, and build up your speed to get a nice mixture.

Now that you have a normal cupcake mixture, we are going to add the sprinkles to make it a Funfetti Cupcake mixture! You can add as many sprinkles as you like. I used quite a lot, but when I cut my cupcake in half, I wished I had used even more. So for full effect, I would recommend you add more than you would usually do. Once you’ve done that, just mix the sprinkles through the mixture.

Now you want to get your mixture in the cupcake cases. I decided to buy these dotted once because I thought it would match the pop of colour in the cupcakes but obviously, this step is totally up to you. You can be all cool and proffesional and use an icecream scoop to get your mixture in the cases, but you can also be less cool like me, and just use two spoons..

Now that you have done this, all you want to do is pop them in the oven for around 20 minutes until your cupcakes have a golden/brown colour.


How to do the icing

As I said earlier, I did not make my icing myself, because I am simply too lazy to do so. I just bought a Dr. Oetker icing pack, which already included a piping bag. When putting the icing on top of your cupcakes, it’s important to make sure that your cupcakes are completely cooled down, otherwise it will just melt off.

! Start icing the cupcakes on the furthest side and work closer to you. This way you won’t make a mess of it.

! Start icing in the middle of your cupcake and make a circle outwards. Then make your way in again to create the top.

! Add the sprinkles right after icing one cupcake. You don’t want to dry out the icing and make it not sticky enough for the sprinkles to stick to it. This is where I went wrong. In an attempt to fix this I mixed together icing sugar and a little bit of water and spread that over the original icing as a ‘glue’ so that the sprinkles would stick.

Once you did all of this, you are ready to enjoy your Funfetti Cupcakes! If you want to read more baking/recipe’s from me, let me know in the comments!