Create. Don’t Destroy. // paintings

For quite some time now, I have been really into painting and drawing. The reason behind this is Twenty One Pilots (what else lol). Tyler once said something along the lines of;

”Let’s take this energy, this emotion that you feel, which is obviously negative. And let’s try and take it and move it somewhere else. Let’s aim it at someting else. Like music, concerts or art.”

So that is what I did; I took an emotion that I was feeling and aimed it at art. Instead of using it to destroy myself or something else, I used the emotion to create something. Hence the term; ‘Create, don’t destroy.’ It’s also important to note that it does not matter what you create. As long as you have fun with it and as long as it has a meaning for you.

Two songs that go well with this painting are Guns For Hands and Kitchen Sink. I feel like both songs perfectly portray the meaning that I gave to this painting. ‘It’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist..’ย ‘Create something, it might be worthless..’ย 

For the ones who are interested in how I made this; I sketched my own hand and arm using just a normal pencil. Then I coloured it in withย aquarelle pencils and added some more colour here and there with some waterpaint.The trick with this is to just keep going and don’t worry too much about the end result. Waterpaint is fairly easy to work with so just go with it and don’t even try to be precise.


Toodlepip! xx