How I Style; A Scrunchie

I don’t know what it is about scrunchies, but for me they just scream Christmas. Maybe it’s the burgendy red colour, maybe it’s the shiny finish or maybe it’s just me. However, scrunchies can be tricky to wear. I have had them laying around my room for quite some time now, but I never really wore them as much, mainly because I had no idea how to. But recently I have found some pretty cute hairstyles that I feel work perfectly with a scrunchie.


The Low Pony: this one is very basic but I like it a lot. It’s just so easy to throw your hair into a low ponytail. If you want to you can mess it up a little bit by pulling out some bits of hair around your face. And you’re done really!


The 90’s Pony: this one has to be my favourite because it just screams 90’s. All you want to do is throw your hair up into a high ponytail. After that, you want to go ahead and divide your tail by using some elastics. I like to make the tail appear fuller by pulling at the hair inbetween the elastics. Feel free to make it as big or small as you like. Again, I like to make it a little bit messier by pulling out some strands around my face.


The Good Ol’ Messy Bun: there are so many different ways to make a messy bun and everyone’s hair works differently. That is why it is kind of hard for me to explain to you how to make a messy bun. But what I like to do and what tends to work for me is to gather all of my hair up on top of my head, take my scrunchie and pull my hair through like I would for a ponytail. However, I am not pulling it through all the way! I stop halfway and wrap my scrunchie around one more time to secure the bun. Remember: the messier, the better!


The Side Ponytail: bringing back the 80’s! All you do for this hair style is gathering all your hair together on the side of your head and make a ponytail. Very easy! You can bring this one as high up as you like and as far to the side as you like! It’s all up to you!


Half Up Half Down: my go to hairstyle. Same technique as you would use for a regular ponytail, but only with less hair. You can use as little or as much hair for this one as you like. It’s totally up to you! Do whatever you like best!

Which one of these did you like best? Let me know in the comments!

I will see you tomorrow!

Toodlepip! xx

15 Life Saving Style Hacks

We all have had those stressful moment where something happened to our outfit and you just did not know what to do about it. Whether it was a tough stain or a stuck zipper, we have all been there. But fear not! I have 15 of the easiest and quickest style hacks for you!

Online clothing company Betabrand, came up with some great style hacks! From using a banana peel for your shoes or nail polish for your tights to staying comfy while still looking classy with a comfy pair of pants or even dress pant yoga pants! These style hacks will definitely come in handy someday!


Besides these I have have also come up with some style hacks! Hacks that I have been using so much and will hopefully help you out as well!

Clear Tape for Black Clothes

If you know me, you will know that my go to colour is always black. Pro of wearing all black; you look hella cool. However, con of wearing all black; all the fluff and hairs are very visible.. So if you don’t have a lint roller with you or anywhere near you, just use some clear tape to get it off!

Vaseline for Perfect Shoes

We have all had those leather shoes that we accidently scratched somewhere. I never knew how to fix this and I always just accepted the fact that I ruined my shoe forever, however, I recently discovered that applying clear Vaseline to it and softly rubbing it in will help remove that scratch!

Dryer Sheet for Deodorant Stains

Probably one of the most annoying things for me is getting deodorant stains in your clothing. However, did you know you can easlily remove those by using a dryer sheet? Now you do!

Rubbing Alcohol to Remove Ink

Going back to school or work means loads and loads of writing and somehow I always manage to get the ink everywhere, even on my clothes! At moments like these rubbing alchohol comes in helpful! Just apply some rubbing alcohol to a tissue and rub out the stain!

Pencil for Stuck Zippers

Lastly, one thing I always struggle with is zippers that get stuck. But there is actually a really easy and quick way to fix this! Just rub the teeth on both sides of the zipper with a pencil! Apparantly the graphite is a great dry lubricant.

Those were all the style hacks I came up with! Do you know any easy hacks? Let me know in the comments!

Toodlepip! xx

I was asked to write this post. I was NOT paid to say any of this.