Life as a Work of Art: guest writer

Hello! My name is Matthew Hedges, I’m a reality TV personality and YouTuber who’s always had a longing to create. Over the last few years of my life I’ve completely changed as a person and am absolutely in love with life. A lot of people, when they hear the word “Art” immediately think of a painting or maybe a stunning drawing they saw once in their life. That’s definitely not wrong, but I like to view “Art” in a different way.

Art to me, is a part of everything. The way you step on the cracks of a sidewalk, the way the rain drenches your clothes and the sun that rises and sets every morning and night. It’s all so beautiful to me, and I like to view life itself as a work of art. Every day that you experience is shaping and painting your life. From the good to the bad, each moment and memory in time effects the rough draft of your life.

I’m a firm believer that experience and failure are our greatest teachers. Sure we can learn a lot in class and at University, but there’s something different and life changing about when we fail. Each failure is there to teach you something. Maybe it’s to just teach you not to make that same mistake again, or it might be longing for you to take a deeper look under the surface of your life and evaluate some things. Anyways what I’m trying to get at is that our experiences and failures are painting a picture of our lives, and that is what I would call art.

Life is so unpredictable and it’s always switching directions and making drastic changes. That’s what makes art beautiful though. Art is diverse, it’s beautiful and it’s alive. You can choose to interpret any piece of art in any way you want, despite the original intent of the creator. So when it comes to your life, the failure and successes, you can choose to interpret them however you’d like.

When I think back on my life I can see the moments and events that changed where I am today. Life has tossed me around and completely thrown me for a loop. I would have never guessed that I’d end up where I am today. So thinking about my life’s best moments and my worst mistakes, I would never change a thing. They all belong and they’re all a part of my ever-growing and ever-changing life, or how I would like to refer to it as, my “Art.”

So go create your art and never look back! No matter which direction you go, it’s always beautiful and it’s always art.

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This Is A Line

this is a line and this line is mine.

you will find that this line can divide

the kind and not so kind side of your mind.

this is a line and this line is mine.

you will find that on the unkind side of your mind

the light is very far behind.

you will also find that on this side of your mind

you are blind and unrefined.

undermined by that unkind side of your mind.

you will fall behind. out of sight. out of mind. unaligned.

but do I need to remind you

that even the blind, the unrefined, the unaligned, have a kinder side to their mind?

this is a line and this line is mine.

you will find that on the kind side of your mind

you are still unrefined and unaligned.

but now you will find that on this side of your mind

there is still some light left behind.

now it is time to redefine.

not this side or that side.

not kind or unkind.

just, your mind.

this is a line and this line is mine.

you will find that this line

is merely a sign of the human kind.

nothing more than a concept from the mind

to define what is inside.

this is a line and this line is mine.

you will find that my feet and my spine are not on either side of the line.

they are in fact on the line.

because I am not defined by the two sides of my mind.

instead I will combine the kind and the unkind

to create one mind.

you will find that when you combine the sides,

you are not assigned to either side of your mind.

you are in fact a free mind.




and unfeigned.

– A poem inspired by another poem